• Deaf/HoH fencing mask paint job

    Painted with Posca acrylic markers and a holographic craft paint. To remind folks I can’t hear anything and can barely lipread when I’m wearing a mask. Cat hairs provided by Fen and Seven of Nine.

  • A new reel

    Because Casting Directors deserve to see Rob Boss.

  • Clan Cumming

    Exploring my Scottish roots. My Grandma was part of Clan Cumming and Clan McLaren. So here’s Clan Cumming’s crest in my graffiti style. I think the best part of this illustration is the little knife. In the printed version, I like to colour that in with silver glitter. It’s shiny.

  • Stained Glass

    I did two versions of this one. The first version is watercolour, just barely bigger than an index card. But it looked so fun and nice, that I wanted to see if I could actually make it glow in a digital version. So here it is. Once I have it printed and have added the…

  • Christmas Tree

    When I was a kid, I asked my mum who decides which words are bad and which are ok to say in public. She couldn’t come up with an answer, so I declared “Christmas tree” to be vulgar. So here’s a little diversity for your pr0n collection.

  • Graffaeti

    I was wondering what I would do if I had wings. And honestly, I’d probably just use them to reach that cabinet that lives above the fridge. Like why do we have them? But I’d think about doing this.

  • Hope

    Brandon Sanderson Fanart. The book is Mistborn. The character is Kelsier, Survivor of Hathsin. He is hope.

  • Believe

    Do you love Ted Lasso as much as I do? I love it a lot. So here’s the iconic “Believe” poster in graffiti style.

  • Wine

    Inspired by Alphonse Mucha. He’s one of my favourite artists, and his style is iconic. I wanted to pay tribute (copy) that type of Art Nouveau alcohol ad. This one is Wine. I like wine. But I also like graffiti. So I combined my love for all of these things and created this back in…

  • Burning Inside

    This is one of my favourite signs in ASL. It’s probably not healthy how often I’m burning inside. But it’s probably at least 70% of what’s keeping me going as an artist at this point. Just to satisfy the inner burning.