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Prints and original art now available

Inspired by clean and high-contrast designs, I’m making logos, posters, book covers, and marketing materials.

Here’s a book cover for Buttons Kirkbeck’s upcoming self-help/sci-fi book Padding.

The lines around the edges are meant to feel like the whole book is wrapped in bubble wrap while the spacing between the letters in the word “Padding” uses the negative space to create a sense of even greater padding.

Olive Branch and Laurel Crown is a veterans’ outreach theatre company. For their logo, I was inspired by a pair of boots and the classic military font and colours. The boots represent the classic Greek drama and comedy masks. Check out the negative space if you don’t see them at first.

Here’s a logo for a production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a classic “battle of the sexes” type of story, so I’ve incorporated the classic symbols for male and female into the title design.

This is my own banner on all of my social media sites. I use ASL and am very involved in Deaf culture, so I traced images of my own hands (with my own hands!) and combined that with a classic all-caps spray-paint gradient.