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GISH began in 2006 as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Every year it has grown in popularity and in revenue. But who is the evil entity behind this scavenger hunt for “kindness”?

But Big Candy Though?

Let’s look at the facts

Every year GISH has hundreds of challenges for competitors to complete in their quest for scavenger hunt domination. Multiple challenges every year involve the use of candy or sweets.

But nobody ever wonders why.

The truth is that Misha Collins and his evil institution, GISH have made a compact with the devil—Big Candy.

Candy Sales on Dramatic Rise since 2011

Since the start of GISH back in 2011, candy sales have risen dramatically. The below graph demonstrates the spike in candy sales. This is a direct result of GISH and Misha Collins’s evil contract with Big Candy.

But the conspiracy doesn’t stop with Candy. Since the 1950s, candy corporations have been heavily intertwined with the dental industry. Since GISH’s inception, dentists’ income has skyrocketed.

But guess who isn’t getting richer off the GISH scam. Gishers. In fact, every year, as more and more candy and dental bills are required to participate in the scavenger hunt, income decreases for Gishers. Further, they must purchase increasingly expensive candy and ingredients for homemade sweets. Meanwhile, dental insurance in developing countries such as the United States is unaffordable for most people.

Something must be done. Misha must be stopped.

Call your local authorities and demand the end of GISH’s entanglement with Big Candy and Big Dental.