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Sonnet 9

Is it his words or vaulting ambitionThat wrings such tears out from my sober eyes?To read can raise me up from perdition?Or must I speak the speech and dramatise?These words of pure sweet honey have been pennedBy author sharp as spur with sharper quill.A dulcet written verse is a godsend.Their taste when read aloud isContinue reading “Sonnet 9”

Sonnet 8

Do not wait for me while you run this race.And don’t look back til you have crossed the line.By climbing hills at ever quickening paceYou’re leading now, but I’m not far behind.I watch you race and try to cheer from aft,Though live I with monstrous green eyed fiend.For difficult is happiness to craftWhile straggling, wishingContinue reading “Sonnet 8”

Sonnet 7

I’m stealing time from Fate for to create:But how I shall I fear I’ll never know.I’m kneeling before Muses near prostrate.O why morale like rotten fruit hangs low?I long to let the art within my soulControl a future of its own designA song that’s locked away without paroleCajoles the silent singer to repine.I wonder howContinue reading “Sonnet 7”

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